Richard Korebrits

Full-stack L[A|E]MP web developer. Laravel, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Front-End
Full-stack L[A|E]MP
Linux (Ubuntu)
Apache / Nginx
PHP (5 & 7)
Front-End lover
Gulp / Grunt
Flex box
GSAP animation
WordPress expert
Fully custom builds

Employment history

Ditto Jobs

Lead developer

Cape Town, South Africa
Oct 2016 – current
SaaS Platform built with CodeIgniter. Implemented Laravel's Eloquent and Blade

GSDH Digital Advertising

Lead developer / Technical director

Cape Town, South Africa
May 2015 – Oct 2016
At GSDH I was responsible for the development team, technical decisions and development. Apart from the lead developer role, I manage the Ubuntu servers, develop PHP (WordPress / Laravel) and front-end.

GSDH Digital Advertising

PHP / Front-End developer

Cape Town, South Africa
Jan 2014 – May 2015
Full stack developer, Linux, PHP, MySQL, JS, CSS, HTML, FE automation, WordPress, Laravel

Front-End / C#

Cape Town, South Africa
Jan 2011 – Dec 2013
During my time at SafariNow I was responsible for the front-end development of the website. In this time the designer and I managed to convince company management that a proper user facing management system was required and we successfully implemented a new system for customers.

  • Implementation of a version control branching system;
  • Implementation of a new UI for customers, establishment owners, affiliates and staff;
  • Improvements of the affiliate system;
  • Implementation of LESS CSS;
  • Developed a system to create websites for establishment owners based on a WordPress Network instance that could be generated by clicking a button and automatically building a website for these establishments based on existing data from the MsSQL database.

PHP / Front-end / Internet Marketing

Utrecht, The Netherlands
Feb 2010 – Oct 2010
I fulfilled my final thesis at Clearsite. I decided to go with a pragmatic approach to my subjects to best suit the company. The subjects I chose were “CMS Selection” and “SEO”. I researched about 10 major CMS’s and since I selected WordPress as suitable CMS for the development team and their clients, Clearsite has grown and become a solid WordPress development company.

Front-end / C#

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct 2009 – Jan 2010
Autotrader had outsourced all of their dev, but I was hired along with another person to get more internal knowledge. The set-up however wasn’t really thought through and I was quite unhappy here.

Various web development jobs

PHP / MySQL / Front-end

Sep 2002 - Aug 2010
Various web development jobs (can give more info on request)


Bachelor of Communication

Digital Communication

Utrecht, The Netherlands
Sep 2005 – Jul 2010
After already having had quite a bit of development experience I decided to do a study that mainly focussed on the processes around websites. Subjects included; strategic communication, project management, brand development, etc. The study taught me a lot about these processes and have proven very valuable. In minored in philosophy, which also taught me a lot about how to manage both work and my private life. Subjects like “Thinking skills” or “Ethics” seemed a bit silly and not the philosophy that I was hoping for, but these turned out to be real eye-openers.

National Diploma (NL)

ICT Administrator

Utrecht, The Netherlands
Sep 2000 – Jun 2005
After high school it was pretty clear for me; I wanted to become a sys-admin. This however changed pretty quick after some experiences in the field. The first 3 years were spent at a college where I had to attend full-time, after these years I switched to a school where I needed to work four days and go to school one. I managed to land myself a job right in between sys-admin and development, doing both. After this company went bankrupt, I managed to land a full-time development job (eFocus) and move fully towards dev.